Our Benefits

Get Inspired to Do More Each Day

Innovation Culture That Inspires

We’re an organisation devoted to building the secure world of tomorrow where everyone’s privacy will be guaranteed. Here you’ll meet people driven to change the world, challenge the status quo, introduce the technologies that will impact the society as we know it, and inspire you to do the same.

Powerful Technologies and Toolkit

We provide employees with access to the latest technologies and all the tools they need to be at the front line of innovation, leading the fight for a secure mobile world.

Embrace Creativity

We believe change is driven by ideas, and the more ideas you put together, the more polished final concept you’ll have. This is why our office is designed to embrace your creativity, having many places where you can work in private to focus on a project, meeting rooms for brainstorming, and even our own UX War Room, where complex tech topics are turned into engaging user experiences incorporated in our own product line.

A group of people learning

Learn While Growing

Follow Your Own Career Path

We’re fully transparent in our management model and company structure. Everyone, current or potential employee, can easily see how each team and position is structured, where in the company do they fit, and what’s the expected remuneration. This way, we provide team members with the freedom to choose their own career path and the visibility into what is required from them to grow.

A group of people learning

Be a Knowledge-Hunter

We look for and embrace people who breathe information on a daily basis and get inspired by brain teasers. To facilitate this culture, we’ve developed our own internal knowledge base where all products and processes are documented and easily accessible. Here, part of the culture code is to be as knowledgeable as possible and to share this information with others to enrich them and help them grow.

Leverage Innovative Business Processes

At Secure Group, we believe in custom-develop solutions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s our software, hardware, or processes. As constant growth-hackers we’ve developed our own management model and internal processes, that allows team autonomy and supports cross-team collaboration. We’ve cut standard practices to introduce our own Engineering Culture, designed to fit our business needs and give greater freedom to employees.

We Don’t Forget the Fun Part

Fun part

Events Bursting with Positivity

We believe team buildings are all about getting to know your colleagues and sharing lasting experiences while breaking through the business environment. Secure Group organises many events such as Unhealthy Friday’s barbeque parties and summer and winter team buildings where our employees can dive into a sea of positive vibes and bond through experiences bursting with fun.


Enjoy Your Work Breaks

Our office is designed to have mind-calming and relaxing work breaks. We have relax areas, gaming facilities, a massage chair, snack bar, café, a cinema, and three large terraces where you can steal a small rest for yourself.

Employee-Centric Experiences

We work in a nerd-heaven, invaded by various Star Wars and Star Trek characters roaming around the office. Here we all like to share the fun part! On our team buildings we organize personalized outside-of-the-niche trainings like cooking courses, yoga sessions, and knitting classes. We also never miss a chance to celebrate a birthday, make fun surprises, or throw a party for a new release.


Find the perfect work-life balance

Company-paid International Seminars

Vast Certification Opportunities

Access to Latest Technologies and Tools

Unlimited Books and Library

Online Learning Platforms

Fun and Educational Team Events

Health Insurance with Extensive Coverage

Multisport Cards

Relax Zones

Unhealthy Fridays (Barbeque Parties)

Relocation Assistance

Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks

Work from Home Opportunities

Free & Convenient Parking

Are you already eager to discover our benefits first-hand and challenge the tomorrow’s status quo?

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