The Home
of Innovation

The Home of Innovation

Leading the Fight for a Secure Mobile World

We view ourselves as the builders of tomorrow’s digital world, which will guarantee the absolute integrity of all technology – both hardware and software, unexploitable by third parties. That’s what inspires and motivates us to do more each day, to constantly set the bar higher, to develop ourselves and reshape the world as we know it!

Build Tomorrow’s Encrypted Mobile World

Secure Group is developing customer-tailored mobile solutions for businesses, governments, and individuals around the globe to make cybersecurity ubiquitously accessible!

Secure OS

Secure OS is a multi-layered cybersecurity solution based on Android 8.1.0 with hardened libraries, modified kernel, allowing granular control, and powerful boot integrity check.

Secure Chat

Secure Chat is our encrypted Chat & Calls app and main communication solution, featuring extensive security-centric functionalities such as self-destructing messages, encrypted group chat, and video calls.

Secure Email

Our PGP-encrypted email application featuring fully user-managed keys and zero-server-trace technology, storing no data on the servers and ensuring the information in our user’ mailboxes is completely protected.

Secure Administration System (SAS)

The mobile device management platform that lets users granularly control Secure OS, creating, editing, pushing, and assigning software, hardware, and OS policies for both individual and whole groups of devices.

Flourish in an Innovative Business Environment

We have specially developed an internal management model that challenges employees to do more each day, puts the corporate pressure off their back, and places creative power in the hands of employees.

Join a Community of Talent

We’re intrigued by the opportunities of tomorrow and want to make cybersecurity accessible for everyone. Here, we constantly explore new ideas and inspire one another to set the bar higher each day. Secure Group is a place where talent is put under the spotlight and where abilities and passion will always be welcomed with open arms.

That Share the Same Values

We’re all different – fitness lovers, gamers, global wanderers, social activists, and shy ones. Yet, we all share the same values. Behind our desks, you’ll find colleagues intrigued by brain teasers, always ready to lend a helping hand. What makes us truly innovative is our ability to consolidate in hard situations, adapt to market changes, and always deliver on our word.

Follow Your Own Career Path

Within Secure Group, we’re fully transparent – with our clients and colleagues. We have an open structure that helps everyone estimate where they fit within the company and what’s needed to get to the next step. This innovative business practice also helps potential employees orient on the remuneration they can expect and the requirements we have.

Turn Your Ideas Into Products

At Secure Group, we’re truly agile because, in cybersecurity, the innovation race is against global threats. We’ve designed our internal processes to offer a deep level of team autonomy and to provoke active cross-team collaboration to facilitate ideation and creative freedom. Every employee has their own role, whether they want to be field experts or innovation leaders.

And Don’t Forget the Fun Part

We believe that taking corporate burdens off employee’s backs and facilitating a work environment that doesn’t expect from colleagues to neglect other aspects of life is essential to stimulate innovation. We’ve designed our benefits to enrich employees’ experiences and supports them in every possible way to unlock their full potential and stimulate their productivity.

Develop the Tomorrow’s Secure Mobile World

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